Endowments, Foundations, & Pensions

You manage numerous investment relationships, potentially in multiple pools of capital, with varying degrees of transparency. You need to be able to reconcile to your administrator and custodian, but the investment team needs actionable insights now across the investment universe based on the way they view the portfolio and using information that is considered best available. You’ve got information now – use it.

Solovis Solutions:

  • We empower you to ask better questions.
  • Directly input and manage all alternative asset data and connect to transparent information seamlessly.
  • Model and analyze traditional securities and alternative assets on one platform with accuracy and expediency.
  • Consolidate your data into one solution and derive insights into performance, risk, liquidity, cash management and much more.
  • Achieve deeper investment insight and greater impact to your portfolio through a system always up to date with available information.

Family Offices

There is a complex world of intra-family and intra-partnership allocations that is complicated by the types of assets, lag of data, and consolidation of information that comes from a web of intricate detail. You need to be able to manage a portfolio or portfolios of investments, report on them, but also make sound investment decisions in context of each family member, trust, or client. Do it all in Solovis now and don’t wait for other service providers or software to get you information later.

Solovis Solutions:

  • Consolidates and systematizes the years of data held within Excel files.
  • Software specifically designed for you to ask better questions of the data.
  • Create customized, instant reports, no need for a service provider to be involved.
  • Modern solution to navigate complex family relationships and diversified investment portfolios.
  • Empowering a family office to take greater control over its investment analysis and more accurately model its complicated ownership structures.

RIA's and Fund of Funds

Whether managing a fund of funds portfolio or a complex set of wealth management and brokerage accounts, you need to be able to track your investment decisions and the resulting effects on performance and risk for each client. Oftentimes you have to manage varying degrees of transparency with multiple sources of data. Your back office architecture may be robust but that information is static and/or lagged. You need up to date and actionable insights to manage your portfolios now. Do it with Solovis.

Solovis Solutions:

  • Track complex ownership structures.
  • Create flexible reports for use throughout the organization.
  • Make intelligent portfolio management decisions by using Solovis to maintain all investment and allocation detail.
  • Maintain holdings detail for hedge funds and other alternative assets beyond data simply at the commingled fund level.


You provide your clients with detailed information as their official book of record. Your clients want something they can interact with beyond a simple data dump or report. They want a software package that goes beyond static data and beyond transactions and performance. Give them the power to interact and dive deeper with actionable insights.

Solovis Solutions:

  • Give your clients the ability to consume critical information, not just streams of data.
  • Show clients all the information they need to stay on top of their portfolios by leveraging accounting data you provide in a vivid, interactive application.
  • Allow clients to interact with information the way they want to, not the way back office systems report. You exist to provide clients an official book of record - keep data consistent and usable with Solovis.