• Don’t Manage Your Investment Data Like a Garage Sale

    At garage sales, you will sometimes find a box or two filled with old records, audio cassette tapes, VHS and Betamax tapes, CDs and DVDs and other detritus left behind by the evolution of technology.  In many cases, owners are tossing them out not because they don’t bring joy, but because they can now enjoy… Read more »

  • Building a Business Case for Multi-Asset Class Portfolio Management Technology

    When you rely on multiple systems and spreadsheets to manage a large-scale investment portfolio across a myriad of asset classes – including complex alternative investments such as hedge funds, private equity and real estate – you are susceptible to inaccuracies and putting your organization at risk. The inevitability of human error from data-entry and manipulation,… Read more »

  • Solovis Stories: How Truvvo Partners Reduced Portfolio Reporting Time from Weeks to Days

    “We wouldn’t be able to make better decisions for our existing clients – and grow and scale our business – if it wasn’t for Solovis’ ability to let us collect, aggregate, report and predict our portfolio data.” – Truvvo Partners Does your operations team find themselves toggling between various systems, files, spreadsheets and databases trying… Read more »

  • Solovis Stories: How Mangham Associates Conquered Portfolio Reporting Challenges

     “The Solovis solution – out of the box – works for our clients, and we can easily generate custom, fully-branded reports for our clients in significantly less time than before.”    – Mangham Associates Does your team spend a significant amount of time and resources on daily, monthly and/or quarterly portfolio reporting? Is the lack… Read more »

  • Solovis Predict Investment Projection Analysis

    Solovis Predict – Model Future State Investment Scenarios with Ease

    Designed specifically for multi-asset class portfolio analysis, Solovis Predict simplifies and streamlines how investment teams create and maintain future state investment models. Break down silos and collaborate across investment and operations teams with one dynamic, easy-to-use tool. Pertinent data is available on-demand across all asset classes — including private equity and hedge fund investments –… Read more »