Solovis Stories: Verger Capital Management Solves Multi-Asset Class Portfolio Management Challenges

“When your client is looking for detailed portfolio reports, and you have an investment policy statement that you need follow, it’s not really a good answer to go back to a client and say, ‘No, sorry, we don’t have this information for you.’ We needed to solve that problem.”

– Verger Capital Management

Does this sound familiar? Keep reading for a solution and a video case study interview with Verger Capital Management.

Investment information living in disparate databases, spreadsheets and formats is one of the biggest challenges facing institutional investors and allocators. The ability to collect and aggregate portfolio data is cumbersome and error-prone . Small operations teams are bogged down for weeks creating quarterly reports and investment teams are often left questioning if they have the most trustworthy data to make the smartest, most informed investment decisions.

These are all major multi-asset class portfolio management challenges Verger Capital Management – an outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) firm serving endowments, foundations and healthcare organizations – needed to solve.

The organization’s previous solution made it difficult to:

  • Collect, aggregate and report on client investment portfolios
  • Access portfolio data for benchmarking
  • Forecast and model performance and risk over a long-term horizon

Verger Capital Management knew if they wanted to grow and scale, and help the endowments, foundations and healthcare clients they serve make better strategic investment decisions, they needed to find a new portfolio analytics technology solution.

The team turned to Solovis to help them achieve a holistic view of their entire investment world.

“Solovis has the flexibility and capability to do exactly what we need. We were able to get consolidated portfolio reporting, slice and dice the data however we wanted, and easily run performance and risk statistics. And Solovis’ dedicated implementation team was willing to work with us every step of the way.”

Since implementing Solovis, Verger Capital Management has dramatically improved process efficiencies and workflows, consolidated client reporting and can easily generate custom client portfolio reports based on each client’s specifications. And – most importantly – the team feels confident they are making better investment decisions for their clients now that they have a more holistic view of the entire portfolio and know the underlying investment information is accurate.

In the first installment of our Solovis Stories video series – which highlights Solovis client success – watch how Verger Capital Management solves multi-asset class data collection, aggregation and reporting challenges with Solovis.

Stay tuned for more Solovis Stories coming soon!

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