Solovis Stories: How Truvvo Partners Reduced Portfolio Reporting Time from Weeks to Days

“We wouldn’t be able to make better decisions for our existing clients – and grow and scale our business – if it wasn’t for Solovis’ ability to let us collect, aggregate, report and predict our portfolio data.”

– Truvvo Partners

Does your operations team find themselves toggling between various systems, files, spreadsheets and databases trying to consolidate, normalize and report on portfolio information? Does your investment team question the accuracy of your multi-asset class portfolio data, wondering if there is better information to help them make strategic decisions over a long-term horizon?

If these are challenges your organization is trying to solve, you’re not alone. Keep reading for a solution and a video case study interview with Truvvo Partners.

Truvvo Partners is a multi-family office serving as the outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) for families and clients.

The firm had four major challenges they needed to solve that their previous portfolio management technology could not address:

  1. Portfolio data was duplicated, unorganized and living in multiple different file types and locations with no way to normalize and consolidate the information
  2. Reports took 2-3 weeks to generate, draining resources every quarter
  3. Prior systems and processes would not allow for the firm to onboard new clients and scale the business
  4. Data validity and integrity often came into question

“We were looking for a platform that could solve our investment needs, not just report data statements. We wanted to go beyond the statements. We wanted to analyze the information we were receiving. See if it actually made sense to what our managers were trying to achieve. Solovis gave us the transparency and flexibility to not only achieve those goals – but allow us to grow and scale our business.”

Truvvo Partners turned to Solovis to help address these critical challenges. Using the Solovis platform, the firm was able to quickly:

  • Gain a consolidated, accurate view of all investment data across asset classes
  • Dramatically reduce time spent generating client reports from 2-3 weeks to 2-3 days
  • Easily onboard new clients and offer better service to existing ones
  • More easily model and predict outcomes on investment scenarios

In the third installment of our Solovis Stories video series – which highlights Solovis client success – hear how Truvvo Partners enables growth and scalability of its business and how they leveraged the Solovis platform to decrease time spent producing client reports from 2-3 weeks to 2-3 days.

If these challenges sound painfully familiar to you, contact us to learn how Solovis helps endowments, foundations, pensions, OCIOs and multi-family offices make smarter, more informed investment decisions.

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