Solovis Stories: How Mangham Associates Conquered Portfolio Reporting Challenges

 “The Solovis solution – out of the box – works for our clients, and we can easily generate custom, fully-branded reports for our clients in significantly less time than before.”  

 Mangham Associates

Does your team spend a significant amount of time and resources on daily, monthly and/or quarterly portfolio reporting? Is the lack of transparency and difficulty collecting investment data from multiple sources across all of your asset classes hindering you from making timely, informed investment decisions?

If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. Keep reading for a solution to your portfolio reporting woes and a video case study interview with Mangham Associates.

Mangham Associates is a full-service outsourced investment officer (OCIO) that focuses on the investment management needs of endowments, foundations and high net worth individuals.

One of the biggest challenges Mangham Associates faced was collecting, aggregating and sharing multi-asset class portfolio reports with clients and constituents. Their existing portfolio management solution was designed for fund of funds, requiring major database customization to generate client portfolio reports.

“Essentially it required a full-time programmer on staff,” says Mangham Associates.

Having a full-time programmer dedicated to manipulating complex and diversified investment data was simply not sustainable and would not scale to the evolving needs of Mangham Associates’ clients.

The firm needed a solution that would allow their operations team to easily collect and aggregate investment data from multiple sources – including hedge funds, private equity, real estate and other alternative investments – and easily package and share that information with clients and constituents.

Mangham Associates turned to Solovis because…

“Solovis understands the outsourced CIO business and the institutional model of investing, and they have designed a system that works very well for an endowment model.”

Since implementing Solovis, Mangham Associates has been able to:

  • Easily and efficiently upload client investment data into the system without a lot of data manipulation
  • Optimize processes, increase flexibility and eliminate data lags that previously caused delays in running client portfolio reports
  • Achieve significant time savings generating custom, branded reports for clients

In the second installment of our Solovis Stories video series – which highlights Solovis client success – watch how Mangham Associates transformed the way they collect, aggregate and share multi-asset class portfolio data.

If you’re looking to transform the way you collect, aggregate, analyze, predict and share information on your complex, multi-asset class portfolio, let us know. We’ll get you in touch with an expert who can help you address your unique institutional investment challenges.

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