Solovis: A Better Route in Institutional Investing

How one of the top 10 endowments saves $250,000 annually.

Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. That’s how much money one of the top 10 endowments in the country saved – along with dramatically improved data accuracy and significant time savings – after implementing the Solovis multi-asset class portfolio management platform.

In a recent interview with CIO Outlook, Josh Smith, co-founder and CEO of Solovis, dives into the challenges endowments, foundations, pensions, OCIOs and family offices face when managing strategic, multi-asset class portfolios over a long-term horizon.

“We are helping LPs collect and aggregate investment data across multiple systems, analyze the portfolio from multiple angles, predict the outcome of future investment scenarios, and share investment insights with partners and constituents – all with the goal of enabling better investment decisions,” Smith explains.

With the Solovis platform, investment data is aggregated into a single source of the truth, which is more accurate and dependable. And, clients gain faster, better insights across their entire investment portfolio – which in turn enables them to make smarter, more informed investment decisions for clients and constituents.

To discover how Solovis helps solve the complex challenges facing institutional investors, read the full interview on CIO Outlook, “Solovis: A Better Route in Institutional Investing.”