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Project Investment Outcomes

Solovis Predict gives your investment team a powerful set of future state modeling tools. Performance projection, asset allocation and budgeting workflow tools, as well as private fund projection and allocation management, are all available via a streamlined, intuitive web interface. Data flows seamlessly through the Solovis platform, providing trustworthy, baseline source data from which to conduct future-dated analysis.

Powerful What If & Projection Modeling

Designed specifically for multi-asset class portfolio analysis, Solovis Predict simplifies and streamlines how investment teams create and maintain future state investment models. Across all asset classes – including complex private equity investments – pertinent data is available on-demand and interconnected module manipulation decreases the complexity of projection modeling processes.

Aggregated data can be adjusted dynamically to produce quick analytical output and insights, allowing investment teams to assess the effect of future state investments and conduct detailed analysis of performance, risk and liquidity against strategic portfolio objectives.

Comprehensive Suite of Portfolio Modeling Tools

Solovis Predict empowers investment teams with a suite of modeling tools, all available via an intuitive web interface:

  • Private Equity Cash Flow and Pacing Model
  • Total Portfolio Cash Flow Projections
  • Asset Allocation and Performance Projections
  • Cash Budgeting and Cash Management
  • Prospective Investment/Cash Flow Projections

The Solovis multi-asset class portfolio management software looks even better in action.

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