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Solovis Reporting & Transparency

Increase transparency with your partners and constituents. Powerful investment reporting capabilities enable LP investment teams to quickly and easily generate reports and board books. LP/GP transparency streamlines and accelerates visibility into critical fund-level investment data.

Powerful Reporting for All Constituents

Accelerate reporting from days to minutes. The Solovis multi-asset class portfolio management platform gives you real-time reports and performance tracking instantly. Scalable technology enables user-driven report customization directly from a web browser. You gain risk, performance and liquidity knowledge at your fingertips – in a system designed exclusively for limited partners and asset allocators.

LP/GP Transparency Delivered

Designed for the unique demands of large-scale, multi-asset class portfolio management, Solovis delivers the technology needed to deliver LP/GP transparency across hedge funds, private equity and other alternative investments. Our unique LP/GP transparency module enables limited partners to gain self-service insight into specific fund managers and empowers general partners to deliver the fund transparency investors demand.

Limited partners looking to improve transparency with fund managers can roll out Solovis across their GP ecosystem. The application enables fund managers to automatically share data that the investment team can access on demand. With Solovis, general partners can determine what data, what views and what level of detail to expose to each limited partner. The application automates data integration through the GP administrator/custodian, saving GPs time and effort while delivering greater transparency.

The Solovis multi-asset class portfolio management software looks even better in action. Let us show you why.

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