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Solovis Investment Data Collection

Gain greater efficiency and better data accuracy with Solovis’ state-of-the-art investment data collection technology. You benefit from faster access and more accurate data from both public and private data sources, without a drain on your internal team.

Investment Data Collection for Large-Scale Portfolios

Managing multi-asset class portfolios with allocations to hedge funds, private equity, real assets, mutual funds, ETFs and direct securities means managing hundreds, or even thousands of data points. Investment data comes in different formats, is updated at different times and is located in multiple system. Solovis is the centralized portfolio management technology platform that can automate investment data collection and deliver actionable insights.

Solovis combines proprietary data collection technology acquired from Madrone in 2017 with an experienced team of operations and exposure analysts to transform investment data collection.

Investment Data Collection Technology

Accelerate investment data collection from public and private data sources with advanced technology from Solovis. Gain important insights about assets, owners, products, operations and fund managers. Solovis leverages a scalable big data platform to aggregate data from public and private sources while ensuring confidentiality and flexible permission controls.

Platform Features

Intelligent Search

Quickly gain information on asset managers for hedge funds and other alternative investments.

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Investment Portfolio View

Create a portfolio of investment funds for ongoing monitoring of performance, exposure and risk (including cross-holdings).

screenshot of investment portfolio

Investment Holdings View

Understand crowdedness and concentration via ownership data analysis that provides investment style and risk maps on fund managers.

screenshot of investment holdings

Peer Groups View

Assess and compare a fund manager’s operational efficiency, marketing effectiveness and compliance oversight versus other managers in the group.

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Save notes on asset managers and investment funds for team collaboration.

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Extend Your Team with Analyst Services

The same team that loads your investment universe at implementation can be utilized to manage and maintain your portfolio on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. By outsourcing the data operations to Solovis, we allow you to scale your operations without stressing your human capital and to focus your team where they add the most value.

The Solovis multi-asset class portfolio management software looks even better in action. Let us show you why.

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