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Investment Data Aggregation for Large-Scale Portfolios

Designed for the unique demands of multi-asset class portfolio management, the Solovis platform accelerates investment data aggregation. Upending the old spreadsheet paradigm, Solovis seamlessly pulls asset data from multiple systems and delivers a single view of the truth. With Solovis you benefit from more current, more accurate data and the ability to input, track and view data your way. It’s time to shred those spreadsheets.

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Old Way

  • Excel being used as a database
  • No true "data source" or library
  • Individualized data items and short cuts
  • Investment data input into multiple files and sources by multiple people
  • The only way to track performance is to open reports for each individual fund and analyze the results manually, one at a time
Solovis Data Aggregation screenshot

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Solovis Way

  • Calculate TWR's and IRR's on everything in the system
  • Create any attribute to track pertinent risk metrics or performance across your multi-asset class portfolio
  • Every investment data item changed is tracked and time stamped for reconciliation
  • Incorporate derivatives, stocks, bonds and other pertinent detail from a custodian or broker
  • Track holdings under private equity, hedge funds, mutual funds and separately managed accounts
  • Track transactions, performance, pricing, and market values for private equity, hedge funds, and tradable instruments on a daily basis

The Solovis multi-asset class portfolio management software looks even better in action.

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