Multi-Asset Class Portfolio Management Software that Enables Better Investment Decisions


    • Accelerate public and private asset data collection
    • Gain better insight into hedge fund managers, private equity and alternative investments
    • Transform investment data into useful intelligence
    • Extend your team with data operations and exposure analysts
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    • Automate investment data aggregation across multiple sources
    • Get daily investment data updates
    • Improve investment data accuracy and integrity
    • Gain a holistic view of your portfolio and one view of the truth
Explore Data Aggregation


    • Gain instant insight across your entire multi-asset class portfolio
    • Improve visibility and efficiency with one dashboard for modeling, analysis and reporting
    • Generate investment reports on the fly
    • Conduct bottoms up portfolio analysis from multiple angles
    • Enable better decisions with true multi-asset class portfolio management
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The first true multi-asset class portfolio management platform devoted to limited partners