Solovis Launches Powerful Application for Future State Analysis of Multi-Asset Class Portfolio Decisions

Solovis Predict to transform the ease with which asset owners and allocators can evaluate the outcome of potential investment decisions

DALLAS, Texas – February 27, 2019 – Solovis, a multi-asset class portfolio management, analytics and reporting platform for limited partners, asset owners and allocators, today announced the launch of Solovis Predict. Solovis Predict is a cloud-based application that enables institutional investing teams to perform what-if analysis and scenario projections on potential investment decisions.

Solovis Predict transforms the ease with which asset owners and allocators can evaluate the future outcome of various investment scenarios on complex multi-asset class portfolios.

Performance projection, asset allocation and budgeting workflow tools, as well as private fund projection and allocation management, are all available via a streamlined, intuitive web interface. Data flows seamlessly through the Solovis platform, providing trustworthy baseline data to power investment scenarios.

With Solovis Predict, institutional investment teams will benefit from the ability to:

  • Easily evaluate future state investment decisions across an entire multi-asset class portfolio
  • Project investment performance growth, liquidity and risk
  • Model and analyze projection output for multi-asset class portfolios
  • Tackle complex private equity projection and pacing modeling with ease
  • Make better, more informed investment decisions

“The myriad of data inputs traditionally inherent in multi-asset class portfolio management, combined with the complexity of alternative investments such as private equity and hedge funds, make modeling and evaluation of future state investment decisions difficult for asset allocators,” said Josh Smith, CEO and co-founder of Solovis. “Solovis Predict is designed to simplify investment scenario modeling and analysis across a variety of factors, including exposure, liquidity and risk. The addition of Solovis Predict to our technology platform further extends the value Solovis brings to both investment and operations teams. We are excited about the potential our platform has to truly transform how limited partners manage strategic investment portfolios.”

Learn more about Solovis Predict and watch our Solovis Predict video.

About Solovis

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