Family Office Portfolio Management Challenges (VIDEO)

family office portfolio management challenges

Building on our first video in this series, “The Big Picture of Multi-Asset Class Portfolio Management,” Josh Smith, co-founder & CEO of Solovis, dives deeper into the unique portfolio management challenges facing single and multi-family offices. As a family office, you’ve got to manage large multi-asset class portfolios for demanding high net worth clients successfully over a long-term horizon. But investment data coming from multiple sources, questionable data accuracy, highly manual reporting and analysis tools, small teams and limited resources all impact your ability to make optimal investment decisions.

Many family offices tolerate the status quo – but there is a better way. New innovations in fintech can address a significant number of these portfolio management challenges with a single technology platform.

Watch this video to learn why siloed data aggregation and manual report generation are no longer sustainable for family offices and how the right technology and analytics can deliver exponential improvements in efficiency, accuracy and insight. After you’ve watched the video, contact us to discuss the specific needs of your family office.