Building a Business Case for Multi-Asset Class Portfolio Management Technology

When you rely on multiple systems and spreadsheets to manage a large-scale investment portfolio across a myriad of asset classes – including complex alternative investments such as hedge funds, private equity and real estate – you are susceptible to inaccuracies and putting your organization at risk.

The inevitability of human error from data-entry and manipulation, lag times in portfolio data updates and duplicate information living in disparate systems, files and formats is simply not sustainable.

You – more than anyone – know the status quo is no longer acceptable.

The old way of doing things is putting a heavy burden on your operations team, who is spending far too much time collecting and aggregating portfolio information and manipulating it into usable reports. Your investment team, in turn, depends on this information to make sound, strategic investment decisions for your constituents and clients.

Yet, the not-so-dirty-little-secret-is: both teams lack confidence the information at hand is accurate and trustworthy.

“Does this report truly have the most up-to-date view of our entire portfolio?” is a question you hear (and dread) almost daily.

You’re not alone. These are real-life challenges limited partners (LPs) and asset allocators face every day.

You know it is time for a change. It’s time to invest in a multi-asset class portfolio management platform that will allow your team to more easily collect and aggregate investment data, analyze portfolio performance from any angle, model and predict future outcomes, and easily share portfolio information with constituents.

But convincing your team to make a change – no matter how badly it’s needed – is challenging, especially when resources are already spread thin.

We took out the guesswork and created the ultimate guide to help you build a business case for multi-asset class portfolio management technology, complete with actionable insights. In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How a system uniquely built for multi-asset class portfolio management can address your current challenges
  • 5 steps for building a business case to justify the investment
  • 8 key requirements your multi-asset class portfolio management platform – and vendor – must have for optimal success
  • A framework for conducting a return on investment (ROI) analysis
  • How your organization can leverage technology to improve data accuracy and make smarter, more informed investment decisions

Download your copy of Building a Business Case for a Multi-Asset Class Portfolio Management Platform. Then contact us to learn how Solovis can help you solve your portfolio management challenges.