One Platform For All Your Assets

Solovis software is designed with one overarching concept in mind - Analytical Flexibility.


Solovis is designed to quickly and easily visualize your client and portfolio investment structures as well as pertinent data without having to drill through and cobble together numerous reports. Save and edit favorite links from any page or report in Solovis to quickly access in the future.


Solovis quickly calculates and allows sorting and filtering on any exposure level you wish to view. View your geographic, industry, counterparty, liquidity, or any other tag set on the fly based on ownership and allocation.

Universal Search

Universal Search is designed to allow users to access specific data, whether entities, investments or tags within the system and visualize other relevant information in a single click.

Report Library

With an ever-growing report library that is customizable and editable, Solovis allows end users to report internally and externally with printable, browser based reports.

Relationship Management

Create and maintain contact and note information for clients, managers, funds, service providers or any other relevant relationships. Quickly search for information for investment, operational and compliance purposes. Fields are totally flexible so you decide what information is required for different relationship types.

Document Management

Utilize true document management capabilities and Microsoft Outlook integration to store, edit and sync documents from anywhere. Utilize versioning, previewing and other capabilities from any device in the office or on the road.